Monday, January 28, 2019

A drug addiction left the job.

Like a drug addiction, the drive to the hill with the help of a bike.
Bibhutibhushan could not be ascertained, but Birbhum has brightened. In the morning of the Republic Day, he wore the national flag of the mountain of Kilimanjaro in the mountainous hill of Urhu Sheng (5,895 meters). His favorite bike 'Chetak' is the companion. Earlier, the Bengali tourists went to Kilimanjaro expedition. The bicycle ride is not new. But the success of this campaign of Radha Banganga once again reminded the Bengali readers about the story of the pair of Shankara and Lubluluya on the moon hills. Because the brightness of these two characters in the brightness is the position.

Gournagar's lucrative bike-cycle expedition at Mohmdbazar block. On November 24 last year, Brigadier launched the 'Green On Wheel' campaign on cycling from Egypt's capital Cairo. Every person should plant and plant at least one tree throughout life - this is the message of his mission. The money was there, so they went out of the bag with the favorite bike. Egypt, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, crossed Tanzania on December 16, brightened.
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This was the goal of winning the mountain of the moon. The journey from Masaimara started with suggestions and help from local climbers. On the first day cycling from Kmema gate to Horombo, 19 kilometers away. On the second day, keep an eye on the adverse environment and move forward. On the third day, the Kibo Hat Summit reached N'killimer, bright. From there, after 12 pm, the journey started again for Uhuru. On 6 January at 6 o'clock in the shaking bone of the bones, Uhura horn lifted the flag of the triangular flag.

From Tanzania on the phone, he said, "The operation was my dream. It was very difficult to get to the mountain. As the road was impaired, most of the routes had to be driven by the bike. Mounting Kilimanjaro on the Republic Day on the head of the national flag is proud to be proud of me. "

Proud for the brightness of BDO Ashish Mandal of Mahmudbazar. Because this blockbuster was launched by the Bengali cyclist who started the campaign in Africa. BDO said, "He is a big odd man. Same is the only one who gets out of the way. "Sea Sengupta, a teacher of Suri Ajaypur School, excited with the success of the friend. He said, "Bright is always like this. District School did a great result. Bidhan Chandra Agricultural University went to study agricultural science. Since its operation, the message of planting has been added since then. They worked in a pesticide sales company. But I did not get permission for the operation! "

Shilak has given the name of the brightest bicycle. The whole India has spotted this cycling for two years. 17 countries have passed the message of planting. At the same time, he also conquered the teacher with the 'moon of the moon'.


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