Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Kerala Assembly Election

On Thursday evening, as soon as the results of the assembly elections in five states were announced, BJP President Amit Shah addressed a press conference and then Prime Minister Narendra Modi also visited him. The gesture of both of them was reflected in excitement and why not? After two major electoral defeats in Delhi and Bihar, the BJP had won a landslide victory in a northeastern state where there was no traditional basis. He performed satisfactorily in West Bengal and even made his presence in Kerala. Encouraged by this, Shah, while talking to reporters, said that it is a seal of voters on BJP ideology. That people are now more confident about the BJP.

Kerala Assembly Election and West Bengal Result

It was a clever statement. Shah's suggestion was on behalf of those who had been constantly promoting that there was no existence of BJP outside the Hindi belt and the second Lok Sabha election of 2014, he won with 31 percent of votes, Mandate cannot be considered. The BJP's opponents contradicted Shah's remarks saying that in fact, elections for 822 seats in five states were held, out of which Congress has won 139 seats, while the BJP has only 65 seats. But these figures only reveal half the truth. The truth is that in two of the four important states, Congress was the first government and now it is not in any of them, while the BJP has won another fortress in the states ruled by it by winning the fort of Assam. In West Bengal, the BJP had initially tried to put an emphasis on it, but later she gave up her efforts. While Kerala and Tamil Nadu were never in its purview. But the glorious victory recorded by him in Assam has led to the enthusiasm in the party, which it also had a lot of urgencies.
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Assam's victory is very important for the BJP. The matter is not the only thing that he ended his fifteen years of Congress rule in the face of a face-to-face encounter. There is also strategic importance of victory in Assam. Due to the horrific problem of cross-border illegal infiltration, this state had to suffer the consequences of its demographic changes due to Muslim refugees. The BJP's views on this subject were always clear and the way Assam's voters stamped their mark on it, certainly the BJP would have been encouraged. It can also confuse the victory of Assam as an ideological victory.

Indeed, the problem of Assam is very complex and comprehensive. The thing is not only about Assam. Local residents living in different areas across the country are living in the shadow of this anger that their identity is being lost between the migrants and the crowd of displaced people. The Muslim population in Assam is 34 percent and it is believed that the BJP has got votes of one of its constituencies. It can be estimated that the local population was so troubled by the problem of illegal infiltration of migrants. Of course, it is a matter of concern that there is an atmosphere of skepticism and distrust in the whole world (especially Europe), not only against the migrants, but the governments are now taking a strict approach towards allowing them to enter. There is also fear in Assam that due to the large Muslim refugees coming from Bangladesh, due to the Muslim Refugees, the local population should not become a minority.

In the reign of the Congress and the Assam Gana Parishad (which is now the ally of the BJP), the demographic policy has been dependent on who is outsiders, it is difficult to decide, and only after this can it be decided how Be behaved. During this time Assam became a local and outlaws. Fear, suspicion, competition, and bloodshed due to them have become commonplace. BJP's victory in Assam is important in these ways that in a number of such cases, the voters of a particular vision have approved the majority.

Congress, on the other hand, is constantly finding itself in difficult situations. In the country, his roots are becoming weak and his feet are cramping. Many analysts now believe that the BJP which started the campaign of the Congress-free India two-and half-a-year ago, is now complete. After the defeat in Assam and Kerala, the scope of the Congress has been reduced and the worst thing for him is that he also does not know what should be done to get out of these circumstances. The problem is that Congress leaders and workers do not think like the leaders and workers of other parties. They leave the job to think completely and decide on the high command.

 The decision of the high command is final for them. Thanks to the charisma of the Gandhi family, the Congress was winning the elections for half a century and now the Congress does not understand what is the other option for electoral victory. Indeed, Congress is such a party in which there is no Plan B. There is only one plan in it: the Gandhi family And once this plan fails, then there is no other option left to him.

There is no such thing as internal democracy in Congress today. Disagreements are not welcomed, because the high command continues to fear that the party will not be broken, and the situation in the party in the current situation will be such an accident for which he will not be able to recover. On the other hand, the attitude of the BJP government has also been hard on the cases of alleged corruption of the Gandhi family, and the common image of which it has been created in the country is of a corrupt, feudal, neglected family. While it is interesting that Tamilnadu and back


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