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Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing: Which Is The Best For Your Blog

Our main goal to start a blog is making money online through our blog/website. But most people fail to make money online, because of their monetization strategies while other bloggers are making millions of dollar every year/month. Today we tell you to choose between Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing: Which Is The Best For Your Blog.
There are many ways to make money online, but 90% of bloggers are chosen this 2 major source to monetize their blog. That is
  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
If you confuse to choose among this two option of making money from your blog, I will help you to choose the best way to make money online from your blog/website.
If we are the new blogger, then we continuously apply for Google Adsense. Sometimes it gets approved and sometimes it doesn't. Blogging is the only way to make money when you are sleeping;
Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing:  Which Is The Best For Your Blog

Affilate Marketing

I personaly use affiliate marketing because it allows to earn more money whenever i want. The only things to do is set up a propper blog funnel to get more sales.
Affiliate marketing is the actual process to earn a specific amount of comission by promoting products from other companies. Choose the right product to promote, drive targeted visitors to see the adds that you want to sell.
If you want to do affiliate marketing, then you get many companies to promote their products. In affiliate marketing, there are many products to sell. The best way to get more sale is, write a proper article about the products and it helps you to get more conversions.
You can promote one or multiple products using the paid adds or your fan page and your forums. Attract people to signup the form and collect their emails. Convince them in their email and tell them about your product that you want to sell.

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

  • Easy To Approve
Most of the affiliate networks are easy to approve your application and you can promote your affiliate products and earn money.
  • High Revenue
Affiliate products give more revenue than Google Adsense. Its depend on what you promote and what is the amount of each sale that given by that company.
If you promoting tech-related products, the chance is maybe  you get a small amount for this. But if you promoting a hosting company, the amount of their commission is pretty high.
  • Work Without Website
The best part of affiliate marketing is you can earn from affiliate marketing without having any website.
If you don't want to invest your money to buy a domain and hosting. You can directly promote your affiliate products by running paid adds on facebook and google adds.
Directly selling is very tuff, but if you work smartly, you can generat more revenue from it.
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Google Adsense

When a new blogger enter the world of blogging the very first step to monetize their blog is adsense. Beacuse a newbie doesn't know any other methods to make money from their blog/website.
All the newbies are getting very hard work to getting approval from google adsense. Most of the bloggers are fail to get approval from google adsense. You need to write the quality blog post on your blog and fill all the necessary things that google adsense require for their policy.

Benifits Of Google Adsense

  • Fast Way to make money
Google Adsense is fasted way to make money through your blog/website. In the case of affiliate marketing, you can't make money within one or two month. Affiliate marketing takes time to get sales. This is adsense is the king in this point.
Drive enough visitors from serch engine, facebook, google adds, etc and display google adsense adds on your blog and make a decent money every month from your blog.
  • Dont Need Special Niche Website
You don't need to write an article on a specific niche. If you want to do blogging and you don't have knowlege to share. Then you can share anything on your blog and display adsense adds on your blog. You can do multi niche blogging on it.
  • 100% Money Guaranty
As we all know Google is very big and trusted company and it never cheat their users and customers. Beacuse of this, there is no chance of frouding. You can work with google adsense without having any tenssion.
  • Pay Per Click
The amazing feture of google adsense is its provide pay per click. You will get payment if someone come to your blog and click on the adds that shown by google adsense. The CPC of google adsense is started from $0.01. The CPC of the google adsense can be more than $700 per click.

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  • Don't Need Any product
You don't need to find the perfect product s to promote. Goggle adsense takes care evrything. Once you place the add code on your site, the adds will show automatically based on users intrest and their cookies.
  • Earn From Every page and Article
This is the big plus point of google adsense. The page, which is not give the value to your visitors, you can also make money from those pages and articles.

Disadvantage Of Adsense

Google adsense have also some disvantages.
  • Not Easy To Aprove
Getting approval of google adsense is very hard in these days. To get approval you need to write the quality blog post and all the necessary things that adsense need to get approval.
  • Low Earnings
Low earning in Google Adsense is the major problem bloggers are facing. If you have alot of traffic, the CPC ofAdsensee is start from $0.01 to 0.87 max.
  • Getting Baned
If you have a low amount of traffic on your blog? your adsense can be desable at any time when it getting invalid clicks or invalid activities.
We hope you guys must have enough knowlege to choose between Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing: Which is the best for your blog. If you have any problem or queries, fill free to contact with me.


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