Saturday, February 2, 2019

Beauty Of Odisha and Indian Railways New Line

The Indian government was announced that 7010 crores have been decided to invest in Indian Railways for improving the quality and quantity in Railways. The train which was come in the rout of  East cost railways, from Talcher to Angul was a very long rout and our government of Odisha was decided to place a new rail line which it was about 14.5 kilometers. Its help to reduce the energy and time of peoples and workers of Indian Railways.Image result for odisha railways

This plan cost around 278 crores to the government. In the past year, the amount was decided is 13% increases because of raw material for it. 2630 crore was already paid for a new rail line in this year which was 2019.

There is a lot of water problem at the station of Koraput-Raigad Single Line, about 460 km from Bhubaneswar in Odisha. Drinking water is not easily available due to Diwali terrain. To meet the shortage of water, tried to apply tubewell too, but it also has no benefit. Therefore, to eliminate the problem of drinking water, a machine has been installed which will prepare water from the air.
Two lakhs of rupees have been spent for this machine. It will take the air from the atmosphere and pass it through a condenser, which will change the steam due to heat. Then people will get this drinking water. It can make water up to 120 liters of water in one day. These machines can work in humidity below 50 percent and temperature upto 35 degrees Celsius. This machine was installed at the station on 25th April and it is being reported that the problem of water has also gone down to a great extent.

Meanwhile, the state's main party, BJD, has begun preparations for counter-action strategy (PM) between speculation about the election of PM Narendra Modi in Puri parliamentary constituency of Odisha. If Modi wins elections from Puri, then BJD can consider not contesting against him. The BJD will look at it in view of the state's widespread development. Puri seat is now near the BJD.

Sources attached to the BJD said, "There is no official confirmation yet to contest the elections from Prime Minister Puri." It is only enough that the state BJP organization has sent a request that the Prime Minister will contest from there. Since then these discussions are going on. But if the Prime Minister is ready to contest elections from any other seat of Puri or Odisha, then the BJD will implement its strategy in that situation. In the last elections, 20 of the 21 Odisha seats were won by the BJD. While one seat BJP won.

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A senior BJD leader said, "If Modi comes to Odisha to fight for the elections, it will be beneficial for the state." If he becomes the Prime Minister again, he may have a big announcement for the development of the state. Odisha needs more help from the center. Therefore, the team can take it positively. The BJD can also decide to not withdraw its candidature against Modi. For him the development of the state is paramount.

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In fact, many things are being said in Puri to contest the election of Prime Minister. One, this will create a good atmosphere for the BJP in Odisha, while the addition of West Bengal and the North-East elections is also being added. Due to the possibility of decreasing seat in the Hindi region, eastern part has become more important for the BJP. That is why speculation about the election of BJP from the Prime Minister's Puri on behalf of the BJP has not been completely ruled out. However, Varanasi has confirmed the re-election of Modi from the party side. But the second seat will be Vadodara or Puri or any other, it is not clear right now.


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