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16 benefits of drinking water and other water facts

In fact, a lot of people I saw they don’t drink enough amount of water, around 3-4 liter of water is just a day no matter you are working out or not. Drinking pure water every day is a great benefit to the human body. In fact, the benefits of drinking pure water cannot be overestimated.

The human body comprises up to 60% water. H.H. Mitchell of the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158 states the heart and brain are made up of 73% water, with the lungs consisting of approximately 83% water.
Our skin is made up of about 64% water, our kidneys and muscles are about 79% water, and our bones (yes, even our bones) contain about 31% water.
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1. The Benefits of Drinking Water Staying Hydrated

Your hydration status has a strong influence on your brain. Studies show the effect dehydration has on the brain may impair and negatively influence several aspects of the brain’s function. A 1.36% fluid loss after exercise affects mood and causes an increase in headache frequency as well as feelings of fatigue and anxiety.
For a person weighing 150 pounds (68 kg),a fluid loss of 1-3% is equal to an approximate body weight loss of 1.5-4.5 pounds (0.5-2 kg). Losing this amount of water can easily happen through ordinary daily activities but occurs even quicker when it is hot or when you exercise.
Feeling tired throughout the day does not necessarily indicate a lack of sleep. Increasingly, doctors are finding that quite often their patients who complain of fatigue are dehydrated and suffering the effects of not drinking enough water.
Plain water is all it takes to provide adequate hydration. Unfortunately, people often choose sugary drinks instead. While providing a short initial energy boost, they can cause an inevitable energy crash later.

2. Improve Your Mood By Drinking A Glass Of Water

A 2014 study indicated water deprivation might negatively impact mood, which may even affect the overall sleep-wake cycle. In the study,30 low- and 22 high-fluid volume intake subjects were tested.
Those who regularly drank lots of water did not experience the same amount of positive emotions as they did when drinking more water.
Whereas, subjects who were used to a low intake of fluid indicated increased positive emotions, feelings of satisfaction, and calmness when they drank lots of water.
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3. The Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning On An Empty Stomach

As soon as you wake up your body craves it. Many people confuse this craving for a need for coffee. In fact, people wake up slightly dehydrated.
Drinking two glasses of room temperature water will assist your body in re-hydrating, allowing for good digestion and the jump start your body needs.
In fact, by drinking water first thing in the morning, you may be able to start off that late morning snack.
The hunger and sugar/salt cravings people get late in the morning are often just the result of chronic dehydration.
With a well-hydrated body, you have the fuel needed to metabolize food and break it down much more efficiently. Your cells, like you, also become more productive when they’re fluid filled.
Proper hydration can also provide you with an energy boost similar to the one you get by drinking a cup of coffee.
During dehydration, biochemical reactions occurring within your body when breaking down fat and carbohydrates become much slower. When dehydrated,you’re simply not getting the energy you need as quickly anymore.

4. One Of The Benefits Of Drinking Water Before Bed Is Natural Cleansing

By drinking water, specifically warm or hot water, you can naturally help your body detox and improve your digestion. Warm water increases blood circulation, and your body can more easily break down waste and increase sweat output.
Sweating will cause some fluid loss during the night, but it also removes excess toxins and salts while cleaning skin cells.
Warm water consumption before bed helps keep you hydrated all night and might also assist your body in ridding itself of toxins. It also may help with relieving cramping or stomach pain.
If the taste of plain water is not exciting enough, consider supplementing it with some lemon before bed. The vitamin C could be especially beneficial to those trying to prevent a cold and boost their immune system to battle infection.

5. The Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water Each Day

Drinking lemon-infused water every morning can help your body maintain its PH balance. It can also help fight infections because of the strong antibacterial properties of lemons.
Water with lemon juice contains a detoxifying agent and helps maintain good digestive health.
Lemons are also a great source of vitamin C,calcium,potassium,magnesium, phosphorus, and other vitamins and minerals. They can even help fight the common cold and are a popular remedy for skin problems such as dark spots and rashes to acne.
Lemons increase metabolism and cleanse the liver as it flushes out toxins. They help fight infections of the respiratory tract as well as tonsil inflammation and sore throat.
Water containing lemon juice helps the body stay hydrated while it provides electrolytes,helps reduce muscle and joint pain, and promotes dental health by helping to prevent gingivitis and lessen toothache pain.

6. Water Improves Concentration And Focus

The benefits of hydration, particularly in people who are thirsty,are undeniable. Researchers from the University of Westminster and University of East London speculate that thirst sensations may divert attention from tasks at hand and slow down response times.
Staying hydrated may be a solution to the body’s need to free up attention resources,as indicated by researchers in the medical journal, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.
Previous studies involving adults suggested that dehydration may affect mood and mental performance.In one example,a 2012 study found that experiencing even slight dehydration is sufficient to cause concentration problems,moodiness,fatigue in women and headaches.
Studies with child participants suggested consuming water can even improve memory.

7. Drinking Water Helps Prevent Headaches

A headache caused by dehydration is known as a secondary headache. These types of headaches are caused by not having sufficient fluid in the body.
The head pain of a dehydration headache may be very mild or as severe as a migraine.
Usually,the fluid deficit can be easily remedied by drinking water or eating foods rich in fluids. Sometimes, however, the body can lose water at a faster rate than it can replenish it.
When this happens, the body may become dehydrated, leading to unfortunate complications,such as dehydration headaches.
When you’re dehydrated, your brain may temporarily shrink or contract from the loss of fluid.This mechanism makes your brain pull away from your skull,which causes pain in the form of a dehydration headache.
With the proper fluid balance restore the brain and assumes its normal state, resolving the headache.

8. Water Helps Balance PH Levels

To maintain optimal physiological health, adequate PH levels must also be maintained.
Even a minor acidic shift may lead to illness or improper processing of consumed vitamins and minerals.
Properly balanced PH levels reached by consuming one liter of water on a regular basis help ensure proper oxygen levels,boost energy,and promote strong immunity.

9. Water Helps Keep Your Hormones Balanced

In research published in the journal, Biochemistry, investigators suggest that even mild changes in the hydration status of tissue may have a considerable influence on the integrity of the body’s biological systems through changes in serum osmolality, hormonal balance,uptake of nutrients,or concentration of toxins.
Long-term disturbances in the hydration of tissue may promote oxidative stress.
This can lead to DNA damage, permanent dysfunction of cells, and even end-organ damage.
The body’s higher brain centers control hormonal secretion. Unfortunately, when hormone circulations break down, feedback signals can be inhibited, and new functional hormones aren’t released to the circulation.
Water helps maintain a healthy hormone balance in your body.

10. Digestion And Water

Drinking water isn’t necessary to digest food,but it can help.Drinking water helps flush waste out of the intestines and may even assist in relieving constipation.
Drinking water during a meal may help your body break down food, but it’s not essential.
A better approach to improving digestion would be to cut back on high-fat foods.
Increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables is an even better way to improve your digestion.
Water is  helpful to manage weight and, therefore, it can aid digestion. Since water takes up stomach space, drinking a glass of water before and during your meal may help you eat less.
Adding water to meals may create a good habit and help you meet your daily requirement more easily.

11. Water Clear The Toxins

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Coffee,tea, and sugary drinks like soda and sports drinks cause high blood sugar and even more problems.Your body needs to use more water to remove these fluids from your body,so you’re left feeling dehydrated.
Additionally, these drinks contain unnatural ingredients and toxins that need to be flushed out. Water helps remove these from your body and aids nutrients in going where they’re needed most.
A lack of water causes colon contents to dry out and become stuck, which eventually causes constipation. As a natural lubricant, water softens your stool and promotes the healthy evacuation of your bowels.
Our kidneys depend on water for them to work properly. They filter tremendous amounts of blood daily while maintaining the body’s delicate water balance and excreting excess fluids and toxins through your bladder.
Daily intake of fluid is crucial for the body to function efficiently.

12. Water Helps Regulate Your Body’s Temperature

The human body normally operates at a temperature of 98.6 degrees, yet people can survive when the ambient temperature of the air is higher. Desert air temperatures can reach 120 degrees or higher.
In temperatures like this or when your body is under heavy exertion, it may require up to 10 liters of water to maintain a healthy level of hydration each day.
Since water absorbs and transfers heat quite well, your body uses it to keep your core temperature stable. Water’s relatively high capacity for heat means it can absorb lots of heat before the temperature rises.
Water in your cells helps buffer against sudden or extreme changes in temperature.
Blood, which is largely composed of water, helps to move heat from your extremities toward vital organs in situations when you’re cold. It also flows toward the surface of the skin to help release excessive heat and transport muscle heat away when you’re feeling too hot.
Water helps to expel this excess heat in the form of sweat (on skin) and water vapor (from the lungs).
The fluid that’s lost needs to be replaced, so you may often hear the phrase,drink plenty of fluids,advised to people who work or play very hard.

13. A Major Benefit Of Drinking Water Is Good for Your Heart

Proper hydration is essential for beating the summer heat.It’s good not only for your brain,but for your mood,your body weight,and even your heart.
Your heart works hard constantly throughout the day, pumping roughly 2,000 gallons of blood.By consuming more water than you’re losing,you’re helping your heart,since a hydrated heart can pump blood much more easily.
This allows your muscles to work even more efficiently.
Dehydration stresses your heart,and the volume of blood in your body decreases when you dehydrate. To make up for this loss,your heartbeat increases, which causes you to experience palpitations.
Your blood also retains additional sodium,which makes it more difficult for blood to circulate to areas that need it.

14. Drinking Water Helps Blood Circulation

Consuming too many saturated fats may lead to high cholesterol, which could eventually damage blood vessels. Blood needs to flow through your arteries unimpeded or else circulation problems may occur.
Foods like fish, spinach, celery, bananas, citrus fruits, and even certain types of chocolate help promote improved blood circulation.
Water also helps blood vessels by maintaining their elasticity.

15. Drinking Water Helps Protect Your Kidneys

Over the years,research suggested that by drinking extra water, you’ll help your kidneys eliminate excess sodium and toxins from the body.Studies have indicated a decreased risk of long-term kidney problems in subjects who drink increased daily amounts of water and other fluids.
Researchers at the University of Sydney and elsewhere also performed a large study on participants over age 50 and found that those who drank about three liters of fluid daily had a great lower risk of chronic kidney disease than those who drank the least.

16.The Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Yes,drinking water can even help you lose weight, and it’s one of the simplest ways to do so. Drinking water improves the rate at which your body burns fat and raises your metabolism.
Drinking water before a meal makes you feel more satiated and helps you eat less.You’ll feel reduced urge and cravings for snacks just by drinking a 16-ounce glass of water.
It also aids in water weight loss while reducing bloating.If your goal is to lose weight, it’s a smart move to drink lots of water.
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