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What to eat before and after the workout (2018)

We are going to discuss all what to eat before and after a workout. Yes, guys, this topic is common as well as most popular, and you may have also heard the same question over and over again if you follow fitness.
We will learn today that what should you have before and after workout? I hope after reading this post, your confusion clear
When it comes to fitness, there are a lot of fitness trainers and coaches hear this every day. How can I get most of my workout? And what should i have before workout and after a workout? While there are other elements that may affect your unique situation. I just want to make it clear that there is only one simple and easy answer that applies to all of these questions eat the right food at the right time.
Also, there are many opinions that what you should eat before and during your workout as well. But the reality is that your body is similar to a vehicle. So, you’ve to keep your engine and heart running when you workout.
Providing your body enough fuel with right time before your workout is the best practice and provide you a sufficient amount of energy during the course of your workout.

1. What To Eat Before Your Workout

What to eat before and after workout
Basically, before workout, you should eat carbs and protein-based sources. which almost everybody follows the same regimen before their workout.
The best pre-workout contains should be some form of complex carbohydrates and protein 45 to 60 minutes before your workout. Don’t take too heavy food, which can cause stomach bloated and to feel sluggish during the workout. And right before you workout, you can have 200 mg coffee or any USA brand pre-workout supplement 10-15 minutes before workout or can have 1 banana/apple/ 1 cup grapes.
Make sure avoid any saturated fats and a lot of healthy protein because these types of terms slow down your absorption rate.
Here you can see below some of my favorite snacks that you can include before hitting exercise.
Option-1. Apple almond butter or peanuts butter (1-2) tablespoons.
Option-2. Brown bread and peanut butter or almond (1-2) tablespoons.
Option-3. Apple and peanut butter or almond.
Option-4. Apple and almond or almonds (1 handful).
Option-5. 1/2 cup oats cup with (1/8 cup) raisins or 1 cup berries and protein (optional).
Option-6. Small sweet potato with steamed broccoli in olive oil (1 cup).
Option-7. 1 cup Watermelon can be a good choice to increase the pump and vascularity due to present citrulline.
These are the most common and used snacks before workout and yummy too, isn’t it?

2. During  Workout

The best thing in the world only water during the workout to keep the body hydrated. No matter who you are, whether you are a professional athlete who trains for many hours or you’ve low to moderate pace routine. Water is necessary and keeps your body hydrated with small frequent sips thought out the workout session.
In fact, you don’t need to add any during workout unless you have a serious goal like competition or not doing any vigorous activity, it’s not gonna help you out except the waste of money.
3. What To Eat After Workout
After doing any physical activity, your body stored fuel is depleted in the form of glycogen. In order to replenish your glycogen, it is needed to eat simple carbs and protein after your workout within 20-30 minutes. You can have like- 1 banana, 3 dates or 1 cup grapes, etc. As per your fitness level, you can increase the number of foods.
As a matter of fact, your muscles tap your glycogen whenever you do activities or normal walking, running, breathing, peeing and taking. All the time your stored glycogen breaks down. That is why after workout, you can decide that you will gain muscle and strength or lose. However, it depends upon your overall calories.
The combination of protein and carbs help to refill your glycogen tank, repair muscles and build muscles that were broken down, helps boost your metabolism.
Friends, i’ve seen many, they avoid having food after workout and sometimes before or they have late. Having late your post workout meal is not gonna give you as much effect as you can get during a specific period of time before cooling down your muscles.
The sooner you start refueling, the better it will be. However, research shows your body’s ability to muscle stores subsidies by up to 50% if you waiting to eat up to 1-2 hours as compared to eat right after your workout. The better way is that take your post-workout recovery meal with you. So that you can take post workout meal right after workout in order to get the maximum result.
Here are some of my favorite foods that you can include-
Option-1. Water, of course, blend your water with 100 percent pure and natural juice such as grapefruit or orange.
Option-2. Protein shake with 1 banana/ 3 dates, one scoop of protein powder/ 2 sp protein x unflavored
Option-3. 2 white bread (2 slices) with protein and or 2 white potatoes.
Options-4. 240ml Gatorade or 2 sp glucose and blend with protein.
Non-supplement category-
Option-1. 1 Cup milk non-fat milk or almond milk with dates or banana
Option-2. 1 cup non-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt with some berries and strawberry.
NOTE:-If your goal is to lose fat  and your weight is too heavy, make sure after workout eat fewer carbs like you can you replace banana with apple or grapefruit, so that you can maximize your overall calories intake. If your calories intake fits in your overall calories, that’s fine. I would recommend, count your calories first as per that choose your food choice to get most of the benefits in each goal.
I hope this article helps understand that “what to eat before and after” workout. Also, do comment what is best pre and post workout meal? Share your thoughts. Thanks


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